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COVID-19 Changes Live Video Streaming Forever

March 31, 2020/0/1/

The worldwide spread of COVID-19 is changing the way people interact, consume entertainment and work across the world. The need to contain the virus by practicing social distancing has resulted in virtual communication, decrease in travel and millions of Americans working from home. Social distancing has also changed the way we experience entertainment, with worldwide [...]


Congrats, Melissa!

February 25, 2019/0/1/

For BlueIvy Founder and President Melissa Perlman, being an award-winning PR professional and a profound runner is a ‘round-the-clock job. Whether she is securing positive media coverage during the day or venturing out on intense, early morning runs, Melissa’s commitment to success has paid off! We would like to congratulate Melissa for taking 1st Place [...]


Advertising vs. Public Relations – What’s the difference?

February 20, 2019/0/1/

Both advertising and public relations help brands communicate with a target audience. That is why businesses often assume they are one and the same. However, advertising and PR are two completely different things with different goals and overall effects on the audience. To make things simpler, we have provided a list explaining the differences between [...]


An Inside Look at a Day at BlueIvy Communications

February 15, 2019/0/0/

Through strong and purposeful communications, BlueIvy Communications has consistently offered its diverse client base unmatched service and quality since 2011. Our dedicated team ensures each of our clients receives personalized and focused attention and the best representation possible. We do so by building our clients’ brands, securing positive media coverage, enhancing our clients’ reputation in [...]


Hot off the Press – BlueIvy’s Year of Success

February 15, 2019/0/0/

BlueIvy Communications has a lot to be proud of in 2018 and its accomplishments do not go unnoticed. One example that contributed to this past year’s success is the launch of our new website. We are thrilled to be highlighting and sharing with you our strategic services, award-winning team and more! Additionally, and for the [...]