Visual Communications

Communication with customers, employees and the media can always benefit from professional videography, photography and design. BlueIvy Communications clients have employed strong visual communications to educate existing customers and market to new clients, customers, industry partners and patients. Visual support to support messaging can include:


The importance of professional imagery cannot be stressed enough. Our expert photographers produce polished, formal headshots, and can capture beautiful and effective images across all capacities, from corporate to educational, retail to non-profit, and everything in between.

Video Production

BlueIvy creates custom videos that stand out from the crowd with tasteful cinematography, creative editing and flawless scripts that deliver your message in an engaging and thoughtful way.

Graphic Design

Convey your brand and engage your customers through our custom designs. We work with you to discover the essence of your brand and turn that into a design that encapsulates everything your brand means to you in a way that communicates to the outside world in a creative and fashionable way.


The BlueIvy team elevates this standard medium into something truly special – stylish, captivating, and colorful with impeccable copy that intuitively engages your customers. We will create a compelling body of work that will sell, promote or win business in a handy trifold of gold.


Stay engaged with your customers by updating them monthly, quarterly or even yearly. Let them know what is going on with your business. Share your wins. Highlight team members. Spotlight new hires. Keep them informed and in-the-know so they feel like they are part of the team.


Be bold with your brand! Stand out from the crowd with our custom designs. We can include a message or devise a tagline that perfectly conveys your brand. BlueIvy can create any sized banner – whether big or small, the message will always be loud and proud.

Email Campaigns

Personalized email campaigns that deliver targeted, relevant content right to your customers’ and prospective customers’ inboxes. Exciting designs with engaging content that will keep them clicking and generate sales. Increase your ROI and revenue with dynamic content that gets results.

Social Media ad campaigns

BlueIvy’s social media team has a keen awareness of emerging trends and knows that effective consumer engagement only results when a sound strategy targets the ideal consumer with a meaningful and creative message on the right platform at the optimal time