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How to adjust PR strategies during COVID-19 pandemic

May 20, 2020/0/3/

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in a complete shift in brand strategies for many businesses worldwide. As public relations specialists, we see first-hand the rapid changes brands are currently undergoing. In a time where change is constant, it is important for businesses to reevaluate current brand strategies so it can continue moving forward. Here are [...]

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Embracing PR: Florida Family Support

May 13, 2020/0/2/

The coronavirus pandemic has brought with it a wave of change in how we go about our daily lives. For families with children, balancing work life with home life while trying to keep their kids happy and continuing their schoolwork is beyond challenging. And if one of their children has special needs, a whole new [...]

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5 PR Crisis Tips to Deal with COVID-19 Pandemic

May 6, 2020/0/2/

Businesses have been feeling the impact from the coronavirus crisis for a while now as its employees, clients and the public continue practicing self-isolation and social distancing. In a crisis communications situation like this, communications strategies are more important than ever. Maintaining a calm, unified brand voice and keeping open channels of communication is key. [...]

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The Power of PR: Enacting Change

April 29, 2020/0/2/

The rampant change caused by the coronavirus is striking various aspects of everyone’s lives, and unfortunately, among the many who are suffering are US military families across the nation, and around the world. PCS Pay It Forward is a real estate company that helps military families who are relocating from one duty station to another, [...]

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Marketers Pivot from Advertising to PR in Uncertain Times

April 22, 2020/0/1/

Ad buys are projected to decline by nearly 12% this year in response to cutbacks due to COVID-19 (source: IPG Mediabrands-owned Magna Global). By comparison, during the 2008 recession, advertising outlays fell by 13%. Savvy marketers are finding they can cut ad spend and maximize ROI by turning to public relations agencies. Public relations strategies [...]

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Telehealth & HIPPA Compliancy in the Age of Coronavirus

April 15, 2020/0/1/

Electronic protected health information (ePHI) is protected health information (PHI) that is produced, saved, transferred or received in an electronic form. In the United States, ePHI management is covered under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) Security Rule. The HIPAA guidelines on telemedicine are contained within the HIPAA Security Rule and stipulate: Only [...]

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Zoom 101 –The PR Pros Guide to Videoconferencing

April 8, 2020/0/0/

For many, switching from working in an office to working virtually is simple. For others, working remote is how they work day-to-day, so it’s just business as usual.  However, for those who hear “zoom” and think of fast cars or a children’s television series, the “new normal” is a new challenge. First, what is Zoom? [...]

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COVID-19 Changes Live Video Streaming Forever

March 31, 2020/0/1/

The worldwide spread of COVID-19 is changing the way people interact, consume entertainment and work across the world. The need to contain the virus by practicing social distancing has resulted in virtual communication, decrease in travel and millions of Americans working from home. Social distancing has also changed the way we experience entertainment, with worldwide [...]


Congrats, Melissa!

February 25, 2019/0/1/

For BlueIvy Founder and President Melissa Perlman, being an award-winning PR professional and a profound runner is a ‘round-the-clock job. Whether she is securing positive media coverage during the day or venturing out on intense, early morning runs, Melissa’s commitment to success has paid off! We would like to congratulate Melissa for taking 1st Place [...]


Advertising vs. Public Relations – What’s the difference?

February 20, 2019/0/1/

Both advertising and public relations help brands communicate with a target audience. That is why businesses often assume they are one and the same. However, advertising and PR are two completely different things with different goals and overall effects on the audience. To make things simpler, we have provided a list explaining the differences between [...]