Media Training

Ready to talk to the media about your business? Be aware that media interviews are more challenging than most meetings. Let BlueIvy Communications’ expert media trainers guide you through the process and the actual interview. Media training will teach your spokesperson to respond confidently and clearly to professional journalists conducting print, radio, podcast and TV interviews.

Why is Media Training Important?

Media training is extremely beneficial. Although you may not think you need any training, if you’ve never been on camera before, you may be surprised at how different it is than having a regular conversation. Media Training teaches individuals to coherently and effectively interact with reporters, journalists, and other members of the media during interviews and press conferences. This will prevent you or your spokesperson from being quoted out of context in the media because of poor training in public speaking, lack of clarity, and miscommunication.

What if I’ve Done Media Before?

If you regularly interact with members of the media but lack proper communication and public speaking skills, you should seek media training. Proper media training helps you better interact with the media. Whether you’re a spokesperson, business person, government official or any other individual speaking and interacting with journalists and other members of the media. It helps you communicate more effectively, with the end goal to stop being quoted out of context.

Why BlueIvy?

BlueIvy’s expert media trainers know exactly what the media is looking for in an interview and will teach you the techniques, tips, and tricks of the trade to help you become an effective communicator. Media training will include: how to anticipate questions, how to prepare for an interview, how to organize thoughts and how to convey messages clearly. They also teach how to manage the occasional awkward, uncomfortable question. Often, we can put together a script in advance and do a couple of dry runs to prepare you for the real thing!

Once you are properly trained, you can handle any interview the media throws your way. The media will see you as a credible source of information. This is why media training is important because becoming a concise, effective spokesperson makes the business or organization you’re speaking for look good. You can also use this expertise to cater to specific audiences, or reach a wider audience.