Executive Reputation Enhancement

Build and protect your reputation.

Online Presence

Who you are on the internet influences your real-world reputation.  With the advent of AI, building and maintaining an online presence has never been more crucial, and crafting a positive online persona across all possible platforms is essential because it is a make-or-break for your business’s success.

An incomplete, or inaccurately built, reputation can spell disaster. Carefully curating your online presence is best left to professionals who have the digital tools to assess and address all the online interactions and activities associated with your business. This includes websites (yours and others’ who mention you, including referring sites or backlinks), blogs, social media profiles, online reviews, online advertising, news articles and, indeed, every corner of the worldwide web.

The team at BlueIvy Communications will rigorously build your online presence and ensure it is strongly maintained across all online platforms. From Google to ChatGPT, BlueIvy’s reputation team will ensure that every search engine and AI web scroll will turn up the information you want to share with customers and the public.

The BlueIvy Reputation Management Toolkit

Personal Website

Creating a strong personal website outside of your business is beneficial in many ways. A personal website can help you establish an online presence and showcase your work portfolio, achievements, and interests to the world. Your personal website serves as a platform to build your personal brand and create a cohesive online identity.

BlueIvy Communications writes and designs a custom website that elevates your brand and establishes or improves your online presence. Having your own personal website is especially important if your goal is to become an “expert” who can provide thought leadership in your field that resonates with prospective customers.

From photography to interactive design, the web development team at BlueIvy will help you identify your goals, plan your strategy and create results-driven web content to increase your organic traffic with messaging that reflects your personal brand and business. Our responsive and mobile-friendly website designs cater to and target desired audiences, so you can focus on your mission and services.

Social Media

A strong social media presence promotes your brand, establishes credibility, and reaches a wider audience. Whether it’s LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or others, the BlueIvy team can create, enhance and update your profiles across all social media platforms and regularly post and engage with followers in ways that promote only positive interactions.


One of the ways content can boost your SEO is through blog creation. We utilize blogs to help you share ideas, knowledge, and experiences, using terms that enhance SEO. BlueIvy Communications researches and writes blog posts that get you and your business’ point of view and expertise noticed – all while ensuring we hit the right SEO key words.

Reputation Management

Reputation management is best accomplished proactively. By creating positive content, engaging with customers and building a strong online presence, we will help you build trust, credibility and a positive image.

However, there are situations that require us to react quickly.  Reactive online reputation management is an important component of our crisis communications services. We can respond instantaneously to negative online chatter with a full arsenal of digital tools, to stop any potentially damaging discourse, before it affects your business or personal reputation.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the technical “backend” process that optimizes a website so target audiences can better find a business when searching online, such as “Googling.”  The goal from a reputation management standpoint is to ensure all content is relevant to the business in a way that it is easily findable in user search queries. That is how businesses come up higher in searches than their competitors.

The BlueIvy team includes experts in SEO who can ensure that the website aligns with search engines on that back end, and that all front-end, public-facing online content contributes to higher search engine rankings.