Our Week at The One

Last week, the BlueIvy team was lucky enough to be invited to spend the week working from The One Cowork in Boca Raton. Their facility is located in the Sanctuary Centre business park off Federal Highway, which is also home to several on-site cafes & restaurants. However, we really didn’t have to worry about getting any outside food – more on that later!

The One Cowork describes itself as “a one-of-a-kind workspace unique from your traditional, corporate workspace.” The website describes its environment as one that is “meant to inspire creativity in an easy-going atmosphere that you won’t find in a suit and tie office.” They are bringing new meaning to coworking. And we would have to strongly agree. Just take a look at some of their office space and you’ll be convinced!

Every unique space is filled with brilliant colors, amusing and interesting designs and various art pieces that are both fun to look at and an inspiration for your own creativity. They really have offices of every shape and size, none of which resemble the next. The themed areas provide workspaces to suit every need and there are even “quiet areas” where people can sneak away to toil in silence.

One of the best parts of the center is the people that you will meet there. One of the owners, Todd, was around every day to watch over things and make sure everyone was doing well and had everything they needed, along with Max, the office manager. Max not only helped us with learning how to navigate the 11,000 square-foot space, but also assisted with some printing and showed us where the stash of quarters was for the gumball machine. He is quite the helpful guy!

Furthermore, the space is filled with other creatives, satellite workers, podcasters who record on-site, entrepreneurs and service providers. For example, there is a barber on-site doing his thing right along-side those whose craft is made on their laptop! And the way you get to meet most of the people working at The One is at their café.

Offering unlimited coffee, the café is where you may just find yourself a free lunch, if you’re lucky (like we were!) – or if you happen to be working on one of the days they do a special group lunch. For us, it was a pizza party on Thursday that included a variety of regular and Sicilian-style pizzas with various toppings from four local establishments. That was also how we learned just how many people were working in the space, as hungry lunch go-ers literally came out of the woodwork to join in the fun.