To Blog or Not to Blog-That Isn’t the Question

Clients often ask the BlueIvy team whether or not they should post blogs on their websites. The answer is often yes, but the real question they should be asking is whether their staff should write the blogs. Unless a company associate has dedicated blogging experience, the answer is likely “no.”

What’s a Blog and Why Do I Need One?

What exactly is a blog? Our friends at Merriam-Webster say that a blog is “a regular feature appearing online that typically relates to a particular topic and consists of articles and personal commentary by one or more authors.” In fact, what you’re reading right now is a blog and will run on average 300-350 words.

Blogs help companies with their search engine optimization or SEO. SEO is content that will help companies rank higher in Google searches. To help with search, blogs should contain keywords, which are the search terms people are most likely to use when seeking a particular service or goods.

Professional blog writers are adept at balancing blog content to ensure it isn’t so overstuffed with keywords that readers lose interest. Keep in mind, blogging is best when done regularly and with an editorial calendar aligned to sales and marketing initiatives.

Writing a Blog

Still want to try your hand at blogging? Here are a few tips:

  • Do keyword research – Identify words people use to find you (or your company), then use them in your blog content.
  • Consider the message of your piece – Decide exactly what you want your readers to take away from the piece.
  • Structure your post – Write casually, but professionally, and be sure to include these three components: introduction of your topic, body copy that presents your ideas and a conclusion which summarizes them.
  • Use paragraphs and headings – Breaking up the text makes it easier to read and also helps with SEO.

Most importantly, end with a call to action that gives the reader something to do, such as calling an 800 number or visiting your e-commerce portal. Let readers know exactly what steps you want them to take – if your blog is good, they’ll do it!

Ready to blog, but still want to leave it to the professionals? Contact the BlueIvy team by emailing