Embracing PR: Florida Family Support

Natalia Herrera - BCBA, LMHC

The coronavirus pandemic has brought with it a wave of change in how we go about our daily lives. For families with children, balancing work life with home life while trying to keep their kids happy and continuing their schoolwork is beyond challenging. And if one of their children has special needs, a whole new layer of complexities emerges.

Florida Family Support is a therapy practice in Palm Beach County dedicated to children and teenagers with Autism and other disabilities and their families. Natalia Perez, founder of Florida Family Support, had never done and PR before, but she also knew that the families she has worked with, as well as those she’s never met, must be especially struggling to navigate this strange, unchartered time of quarantine, social distancing and e-learning among children with special needs.

Natalia wanted to help, but needed a way to expand beyond her existing network and reach a larger audience of parents that could benefit from her advice. She came to BlueIvy to see what we could do, so we put together Expert Tips for Parents of Children with Special Needs During Quarantine, and went to work.

After merely days of pitching, Natalia was sharing her tips on local news to CBS12’s afternoon audience of thousands.

Natalia’s tips were also featured on ParentingHealthy.com, a popular parenting blog with over 14k Twitter followers and 157.5k monthly viewers on Pinterest.

Additionally, we wanted Natalia to be able to reach the Spanish-speaking community of South Florida. Therefore, we connected with West Palm Beach-licensed CBS affiliate, Azteca48 and were able to secure a spot for Natalia during their community focus show, “Enfoque Comunitario” with Carlos Mahecha. The interview between Natalia and Carlos was a huge success and clocked in at a whopping 13 minutes – dominating most of the show!

In the end, this successful PR campaign not only allowed Natalia to help countless parents of children with special needs, but to reach local families everywhere and let them know about the important services Florida Family Support can offer should they be interested in pursuing additional support during the pandemic, and beyond. Natalia was therefore able to lend her advice with local exposure that adds both credibility to her business and provides future content that be used across all of Florida Family Support’s media platforms.