An Inside Look at a Day at BlueIvy Communications

Through strong and purposeful communications, BlueIvy Communications has consistently offered its diverse client base unmatched service and quality since 2011. Our dedicated team ensures each of our clients receives personalized and focused attention and the best representation possible. We do so by building our clients’ brands, securing positive media coverage, enhancing our clients’ reputation in the media, specific markets and the community, and more! Seems like a lot? You might be wondering how we make it all happen. Luckily, we are giving you an inside look at a day at BlueIvy Communications.

It all starts with a positive work environment.

At BlueIvy, our open and collaborative work environment positively benefits the firm by enhancing productivity and success. A conference-style table, rather than closed off cubicles, fosters our group creativity and communication. Extra gadgets such as TV’s for showcasing current projects, and outlets inside tables and chairs create a comfortable physical environment for our team. Lastly, windows that allow natural sunlight and a good coffee machine set a positive atmosphere for our team to attend to every day!

Team collaboration is essential at BlueIvy.

Starting off our day with a collaborative group meeting sets the tone for our workday. It welcomes creative ideas, diverse opinions and strengthens relationships between employees. Collaborating as a group also allows everyone to work toward a common goal throughout the day and contribute to the firm’s success.

Preparing for the Breakroom at Noon, our Facebook Live show

Even though we do not go live every day, it is an important part of BlueIvy because it allows us to showcase our clients, results and discuss the ‘happenings’ around town in a unique and beneficial way. The Breakroom at Noon also allows us to work together and grow as a team and in turn, makes the workplace fun!

The freedom to work independently is important too.

Just like working as a group, working individually has many clear benefits as well – both for our employees and BlueIvy. Employees use the afternoon to work independently on current projects and tasks, applying ideas and solutions from the group collaboration as well as their own unique ones too.

The end of our day sets the stage for tomorrow.

Discussing the status of current projects and providing updates help determine what BlueIvy needs to accomplish as a team and as individuals the next day. Having a plan for how our time will be spent the following day increases our productivity and success.

As you can see, a combination of our environment, collaboration, independence, organization and some fun contribute to an enjoyable, productive and successful day at BlueIvy Communications.