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Case Study


EnterWorks® Master Data Management (MDM) and Product Information Management (PIM) solution enables companies to acquire, manage and transform product information into persuasive content that drives higher sales and new competitive strengths through e-commerce Web, mobile, print and various electronic channels. Their services and products simplify data and information management for the user and the company’s many clients, including HP Hood, Mary Kay, Restoration Hardware, US Foods, Publishers Clearing House, and more. But how do you simplify the message for the masses, such as attendees of the National Retail Federation’s Big Show and/or journalists?


BlueIvy Communications joined EnterWorks as the company prepared for its second consecutive appearance at NRF 2019: The Big Show. With thousands of exhibitors with a million messages and in-your-face marketing, how could EnterWorks stand out while sticking to its core “data management” message? BlueIvy brought on EnterWorks’ customer Fender Musical Instruments to help accomplish the job. Fender provided three Fender® Stratocaster® Guitars upon request (valued at $699.99 each) to be randomly given out to booth visitors during NRF. The booth was decked out with Fender-themed content, which focused on the services EnterWorks provided for Fender and how it helps the guitar company better communicate with its vendors and customers. BlueIvy took photos and videos of individuals rocking out while holding the guitar and made sure to ask the question: Do you now understand how EnterWorks helps Fender manage its data? The contest was a hit, as were the experiences had by all visitors to the EnterWorks booth and speaking sessions. At the end of the day – EnterWorks was the rock star of NRF 2019!