The Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties

The Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties is a nonprofit organization that leads philanthropy locally. The Foundation provides charitable expertise and vehicles to increase the investment options on behalf of individuals, family foundations, and corporations. Since 1972, the Foundation has distributed over $200 million in grants and scholarships aimed at closing the area’s opportunity gaps. With its vast network of donors and nonprofit partners, the Foundation supports initiatives that improve education and youth, economic opportunity, thriving communities, and crisis preparation and response.


The Community Foundation is considered the stalwart of giving in South Florida. The organization’s executive leadership brought BlueIvy Communications onboard to roll out a new campaign in honor of the organization’s 50-year anniversary. The main objective was to build brand awareness and secure positive media coverage for the Community Foundation, its key projects, initiatives, events and priorities.

BlueIvy focused on reaching both the media and the organization’s two key stakeholder groups:

  • Professional advisors, wealth managers, and individuals with the ability to steer dollars toward The Community Foundation
  • Executives new to Palm Beach (a.k.a. the “Wall Street of the South”)

In order to raise the organizational awareness that drives fundraising initiatives, BlueIvy’s marketing team developed messaging centered around the Community Foundation as a good partner and investment while encouraging the community to “give where you live.” To reach stakeholders, BlueIvy provided media training to the Community Foundation’s key leadership and crafted individual bios to garner media placements highlighting their expertise.


The BlueIvy team hit the ground running by developing a robust strategic PR plan and editorial calendar that clearly identified, highlighted and communicated all initiatives while outlining intended PR and media support.  BlueIvy then coordinated proactive PR opportunities aligned with the organization’s event schedule and managed reactive PR initiatives as well.

Through weekly meetings, the Community Foundation regularly provided ideas on planned initiatives with the BlueIvy team who then brainstormed out-of-the-box ways to garner additional media attention.  The 360-degree campaign was built on creating a cadence of press releases, media alerts, pitches and op-eds that showcased the Community Foundation and its value to stakeholders.

BlueIvy developed a full library of background materials, including fact sheets, messaging documents, program overviews, bios and boilerplates while their visual communications team produced a full range of accompanying images and videos. Utilizing a comprehensive database of news sources, BlueIvy’s media outreach team secured television, online and print media attention locally, regionally and nationally across an array of community, business, culture, philanthropy and finance outlets.


BlueIvy’s focus on the expertise of the Community Foundation and its CEO, Board Chair and key board members reaped a myriad of media rewards. Through op-eds and television appearances, as well as profiles and event coverage, the media placements speak for themselves. BlueIvy’s updated branding of the Community Foundation was a resounding success, and the organization is now well-positioned for another 50 years of giving.