Dr. Diego Rubinowicz

Encourage new patients to visit the practice of urologist Dr. Diego Rubinowicz by garnering news coverage featuring his expertise and highlighting treatment options, focusing specifically on Rezum for BPH. The campaign was designed to reach south Palm Beach county media outlets in the geographic areas from which the practice draws its patients.


Blue Ivy garnered publicity in numerous south Florida media outlets, including both print and television. Working closely with Dr. Rubiniwicz we researched news opportunities and offered his thought leadership, for example during Prostate Awareness Month and tying in to coverage of TV personality Al Roker’s prostate cancer diagnosis as well as topics related to men’s health. Our outreach on BPH and the treatment option Rezum encompassed bylined op-eds, television news segments and several noteworthy newspaper features. One article in particular that ran in the Palm Beach Post prompted an unprecedented number of patient phone inquiries and resulted in procedure bookings and demonstrated clear ROI for the public relations campaign.