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Schnellenberger Family Foundation

Case Study


The Schnellenberger Family Foundation, which was started by legendary football Coach Howard Schnellenberger, his wife Beverlee and their son Tim Schnellenberger, a recovering addict, is dedicated to supporting and educating the families of those addicted to drugs and/or alcohol with free weekly webinars, educational weekend retreats and seminars. The Foundation asked BlueIvy Communications to build a PR and Communications campaign to create positive attention and media exposure in local media, sports outlets, as well as addiction-related press.


BlueIvy Communications immediately secured feature articles in The Palm Beach Post, Delray Newspaper, and South Florida Sun-Sentinel, among others, announcing the launch of the Schnellenberger Family Foundation. Through media opportunities, the Schnellenberger Family Foundation shared details on how families of addicts can help their loved one; lessons learned from Coach Howard, Beverlee and Tim; and how addiction is truly a family disease. As a result of the media outreach, Howard and Tim were then interviewed by the Alabama Media Group, The Oklahoman and by NBC Channel 5 WPTV for a segment in honor of National Recovery Month. Howard additionally shared his experience as the parent of an addict in an editorial that was picked up by the South Florida Sun-Sentinel’s weekly newspapers in Palm Beach and Broward Counties. Parents of addicts from around the country have seen the coverage and as a result reached out to the Foundation to get involved in a variety of ways: attending a weekend retreat, participating in the Foundation’s free weekly webinar, and/or donating to support the efforts of the Foundation. BlueIvy Communications continues to assist the Foundation in reaching its goal is to bring national attention to addiction recovery, and how addiction is a family disease.