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PrimeTime Amusements

Case Study


PrimeTime Amusements has been a behemoth in the arcade and amusement industry since the 90s; but in 2013, the company launched a new division, which focused on theming arcade rooms and party rooms with larger than life figures, ranging from the Statue of Liberty to Aliens and Spaceships to Life Size Banana Splits. In order to bring attention to PrimeTime Amusement’s new area of expertise – which involved carving these figures out of Styrofoam, coating them with a weather-proof exterior, and then painting them – BlueIvy Communications worked with the team to launch a guerilla marketing style campaign.


PrimeTime Amusements built three ‘bigger than life’ statues of The Miami Heat’s big three: Lebron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh at 18’, 16’ and 20’ respectively. As the artists completed their pieces of art, BlueIvy invited the local South Florida sports media to come and witness what we called the “REALLY big three.” All local Miami, Florida TV stations attended the introduction of the big three, as did The Miami Heat’s own channel “Heat TV,” The Miami Herald and the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. A few months later, BlueIvy coordinated a partnership with Fox Sun Sports in Miami during the playoffs – or what the station called “Heat Week.” The special Heat Week campaign involved moving the three statues to landmarks around the city and asking fans and locals to take pictures and share via social media.